Working towards change

If you are worried about your behaviour or think that things are slipping away, Engage2Change may be for you.

It doesn’t matter who you are, or the reputation you hold we recognise that men from all walks of life could benefit if they struggle with relationship abuse or violence.

Men who have completed the program have included truckies, bikies, sportsmen, policemen, tradies, businessmen, storemen, community volunteers and unemployed men – To name a few.

Engage2Change recognise that change of any kind is difficult for anyone. We also see that a lot of outside processes men face when they have been abusive and violent do not provide the space for men to hold their dignity so as to look honestly at the problems they contribute. Therefore the process of taking responsibility for change can seem a very lonely place to sit.

Our team understand that many men have made very real, yet private attempts to do things differently. Some of these attempts may have helped, some may not have? Engage2Change understands that a man’s abuse and violence is often compounded by complex issues that are difficult to pin point or address on his own. As a result, it often becomes easier to deny the problems or blame others when the problem is really his to fix. The first steps are often the most difficult, but keep exploring this web page and think about the next step you might take?

If your promises to self and others seem harder to believe over time– this website may be a great (anonymous) starting point.

A closer look for men

Everyone has the right to live freely, without fear, and to make their own choices and decisions. It is never right for a man to do anything that makes another person feel unsafe, violated, or unable to live freely.

Many of the men we meet hold a lot of shame in talking about physical violence and abuse. It has become much easier to try and deal with it by ourselves. But this rarely works once violence has occurred – then reoccurred.

These same men say there problems are like a ‘roundabout’ – where things get better for a while, but then ‘it happened or happens again’. Generally this pattern will and can get worse, not better, without specialist help.

Does the roundabout idea sound familiar? Do you want to get off it?

If this idea rings a bell, we would be happy for an anonymous conversation or an intake appointment.  If you are not sure or wish to have a closer look contact us to find out more about our Men’s Behaviour Change Program.

How to contact us

For an intake appointment, further information or anonymous conversation please call us on (02) 6563 1588. Alternatively you can use the contact form below to send as an email enquiry.

We are committed to protecting your privacy and any personal and/or sensitive information that you give us in order for us to provide you with a quality service. Please refer to our privacy policy.

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