What about anger management?

What about anger management?

Although the ‘Engage2Change’ program has an ‘anger awareness’ component, stopping the use of violent and controlling behaviour is about a lot more than managing anger. Men who use violent and controlling behaviour towards their partner often don’t use it towards anyone else. This is why we encourage men who use violence to participate in a men’s behaviour change program and not an anger management group.

Men’s Behaviour Change Programs are for men who have a history of using violent and controlling behaviour towards partners, women or children. Some of these men might have a problem with expressing angry feelings. Others might be experiencing difficulties expressing other feelings, such as fear, anxiety or frustration.

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Do you recognise any of these behaviours?

Violent and controlling behaviour takes many different forms.

Violent and controlling behaviour can fall into more than one category. Other times, it doesn’t seem to fit into any of the categories listed below. What matters is whether someone is controlled or fearful as a result of the behaviour, regardless of whether or not you intended that to happen.


Verbal harassment, put downs, insults, name calling, or swearing.

Psychological and emotional

Humiliation, threats, insults, harassment, or constant criticism.


Demanding sex when your partner has made it clear she does not wish to participate or forcing them to do sexual acts against her wishes.


Stopping your partner from seeing friends you don’t like or asking her not to talk to other men.


Taking total control over the family income and paying your partner pocket-money rather than sharing the household income, making your partner account for every cent of expenditure, or denying her money for personal use.

Physical violence

Punching, hitting, or pushing, choking, throwing or smashing things, threatening someone with a weapon, or hurting pets.

Behaviour Change is a lifelong commitment that could begin again today! Engage2Change offers men the respect and dignity required to begin the process of examining harmful choices in an environment that is committed to safety for all.

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