Domestic Violence in the Media

Below are some of the latest news articles about domestic violence issues in Australia.

‘We should not fear the backlash from the Gillette campaign, we should welcome it.’

When a company like Gillette mainstream an existing idea that perhaps there is a better way, and broadcast it to a large, mainly male audience, it naturally leads to discomfort, backlash and issues around masculinity and identity. We have never spoken to a man who has changed his behaviour without a level of discomfort.

‘One less problem’: Domestic violence victims protected by rental law

Currently, victims of domestic violence must give 14 days notice to break a fixed-term lease and face financial penalties for doing so, Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia executive officer Karen Willis said.

How a domestic abuse survivor ‘lives life looking over her shoulder’

A woman who escaped a violent partner four years ago still fears being found, so she exercises extreme caution on social media to stay hidden.

Forgotten victims of violence

FOR every woman or man who has been a victim of domestic abuse, there are other people who also suffer greatly – their children. Thousands of Queensland children are affected by domestic violence each year with many displaced by the family trauma, some end up living in cars.

Not all men are violent, but all men can prevent violence – including you

Posted June 21, 2018 10:57:26 I should not have been surprised to see the thousands-strong crowd at Princes Park on Monday night, gathered to mourn Eurydice Dixon. The genuine outpouring of grief makes sense when we consider how many people are affected by violence against women.

Partners fearing domestic violence to get access to criminal history in SA

Updated June 15, 2018 18:10:28 South Australians worried they may be at risk of domestic or family violence will be able to get access to their partner’s criminal history from October, with the State Government to launch a year-long trial of “Clare’s Law”.

Is this the answer to ending domestic violence?

It’s a wintry Tuesday night in Melbourne and you’d like to be home watching TV. Instead, you’re sitting in a circle with a dozen guys, trying not to get called on during your first session at a men’s behaviour change program.

Domestic violence offenders no longer allowed to question victims in Family Court

Updated June 28, 2018 09:58:38 “I wanted to end my life the day that our community allowed this man to cross-examine me in court.” Eleanor (not her real name) is a mother of four and a primary school teacher in regional Victoria.

‘You feel guilty for your children’: facing life on the street with young child

Updated August 04, 2018 10:02:24 Relying on friends’ floors and couches is a nightly ritual for Canberra mother Steph and her son. Every morning, she faces fresh uncertainty. “Pretty much, where to next?” She said. “Will my friend still be okay with me staying the night? “It’s hard.”