Concerned about someone’s behaviour?

You might know somebody who told you that they’ve been violent towards a partner. Or maybe you have been feeling uncomfortable about how a friend, colleague, family member, or neighbour treats their partner.

There are things that you can do to help the person you believe is experiencing violent or controlling behaviour.

If the person who you suspect is using violence is someone you know well or feel close to, it’s worth reflecting on these questions:

  • do I think I might be able to have a positive influence on them?
  • do I feel I could raise the issue with them?
  • would they talk to me?
  • what could I say?
  • what might be the implications for their partner if I talk to them about their behaviour?
  • could I talk with their partner first to find out what they want me to do?

The Men’s Referral Service can help you talk through some of these issues and help you to arrive at a course of action that minimise the risks to everyone involved.

You can also find more information on how to prevent violence against women at the ‘No to Violence’ website at

If you hear or see something that makes you think violence is occurring, ring the police on 000.

Do not attempt to intervene in a situation involving physical violence, or where physical violence might occur. Doing so could put your safety at risk. Remember – your safety is as important as anyone else’s.

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