Engage2Change – NSW Mid North Coast is a Men’s Behaviour Change Project, funded under the NSW Office of Women through the NSW Department of Health.

Although the pilot has a broad based Mid North Coast approach to engaging the community and responding to impacts of Domestic Violence, the tender was ultimately awarded for our capacity to deliver an ethical engagement and accredited program to men who are recidivist Domestic Violence offenders.

The Domestic Violence Men’s Behaviour Change group work is currently being delivered into Nambucca and Kempsey.

The project will employ a range of specialist Domestic Violence and Community Development staff and contractors across the Mid North Coast, as well as supporting the development of a facilitation pool of accredited men’s behaviour change facilitators. Facilitators will be recruited and their development supported in accordance with regional domestic violence monitoring committees standards and the NSW (2012) Minimum Standards for NSW Domestic Violence Men’s Behaviour Change Programs.

Men’s Behaviour Change Program

Our Men’s Behaviour Change program offers clients 4 individual counselling appointments to assess their hopes and goals for participating. These meetings are designed to work with men to self-assess if they are committed and ready to work towards non-violence and self-responsibility. The ongoing aim of these meetings are to prepare a man to move into our 12 week group program with up to 11 other men who have decided they are ready to work towards change (non-violence).

The Men’s Behaviour Change program aims to explore the impacts of our abuse and violence on our partners, children, selves and others. We explore ideas about men’s role within the world and relationship, and examine the ideas that help/hurt what we are trying to achieve in relationship. We look at responses to conflict and what we contribute to the problem and how we can take responsibility for safety and self. Communication, self-reflection and dealing with strong emotions are also important elements of the group work program.

All our staff are Domestic Violence specialists with many years’ experience working with men and women in response to violence. Our assessment counsellor has counselling qualifications and is a specialist Domestic Violence practitioner with 12 years practice working with men.

“Focusing on the safety of women and children, these programs hold men accountable for their violence and provide them the opportunity to take responsibility for their actions and develop non-abusive and non-controlling behaviours of equality and respect to their current or former partners”

Our Approach

The Engage 2 Change Mid North Coast consortium approach towards ethical delivery of Men’s Domestic Violence Behaviour Change Programs (MBCP) is steeped in the principles of best practice in the delivery of domestic violence specific programs across the MNC of NSW. The project is informed by the State Attorney General and Justice (2012), “Towards Safe Families” practice guide and the NSW Attorney General and Justice (2012), Minimum Standards for delivering group work programs for male domestic violence offenders.


Minimum Standards for Men’s Domestic Violence Behaviour Change Programs in NSW

Towards safer families practice guide

How to contact us

For an intake appointment, further information or anonymous conversation please call us on (02) 6563 1588. Alternatively you can use the contact form below to send as an email enquiry.

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